Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Show jumper on autopilot!

This horse must be the Cal Ripken of the horse world. I'm glad he's okay from this incident, because looking at the footage I would not have expected him to come away unscathed. Extra carrots for this one.


  1. I agree--he lands on his belly, legs tucked under with poles "here and there." Contusion City. Sore No More by IV ;o) I saw this first on one of those Wear Your Helmet sites. Fersher.

  2. And, for that matter ... the rider. 360 flip and stands right up. I think I would have been lying there waiting for the medics and the board. Are these people made of rubber?

    Then again, it was probably the smooth flip that saved the rider's neck.

  3. Wow - nicer jump from a standstill without the rider... bless his heart.

  4. goosbumps all over my body! Omg. I'm a jumper turned dressage but still a heart for jumper rider... lol. And my sister is a NAYJR jumper. And... nothing gets me more than watching falls like that... omg. What a horse!

  5. Poor guy had to prove he could still make it over the next fence. Scary fall, but looks like everyone made it through with no major injuries.


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