Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Making my own browbands now (for sale!)

New curved black padded 16" dressage browband featuring 8mm Irish shamrock Czech glass, gold swarovski-style rondelle beads, and  green azurite chrysocolla beads. 16"  Browband from Delfina Saddlery.  Beads are hand-strung with wire and stitched-in, not glued. $90. I have additional shamrock beads and can make a similar style to order.


  1. Those are stunning. What other carved beads do you have or can you get? A showing of some of the options might be enough to tempt some more of us.

  2. I buy from and ebay, mostly I just ordered a bunch of silver skulls So these are not your grandfather's browbands!

  3. I can totally see that on a chestnut horse. It would have been stunning on my red mare Tess. She had an Irish lass look to her anyways.


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