Friday, January 8, 2016

Daily Nip, another great Thoroughbred

Webb and Daily Nip

In Throwback Thursday: Classic Hunter Daily Nip Lives On In Cissy Webb's Memories from the The Chronicle of the Horse, Cissy Web is asked about this wonderful old photo from the Chronicle. A quote that resonated with me, to the very bone:

"Daily Nip was a huge part of her life as a teenager, and remains a part of her heart today. An oil painting of them showing together hangs in Webb’s Sperryville, Va., home, along with Nipper’s old leather halter. “He still lives with me, in my memories and my mind,” she said. “He was full of hell and a wonderful horse. He was without a doubt a joy. I loved him; he had a great personality and he was a wonderful fellow. I was terribly lucky to have him.”
 Harvey's halter is in our living room, hanging on a chair until we buy a nice hook for it...

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