Equestrian art collectors: museum quality life size horse!

Sieze this rare opportunity to own this vintage equine specimen -- a real horse skillfully preserved by a Lehigh Valley PA taxidermist in 1962.  This unique object d'art could be the high-impact centerpiece of the equine collector's home -- a great investment and a true conversation piece! The horse is a chestnut with distinctive white markings, standing full six feet tall from head to ground. In positioning the horse, the craftsman/taxidermist captures the moment when the animal is poised for action,  with three hooves on the ground and one raised as if prepared to canter away. The history of the piece is that this horse was a beloved family pet that died tragically and was preserved at great expense to the owners. Stuffed horses have sold to museums and other collectors for tens of thousands of dollars, and Trigger (Roy Rogers horse) sold for over 250K. Don't miss this opportunity to own this artistic and historic piece. Offers over 5K will be considered.