Tuesday, October 21, 2014

One more color: Mood beads browband

I found these great beads at the Arizona Bead Company -- they're Mirage"mood beads" -- thermosensitive beads that change into purples, blues, greens, ambers, and magenta based on the temperature. Unlike the kitschy mood beads, these high end beads are of high quality, and the color change is near-instantaneous. They are a bit expensive but Oh, I love this browband. $90 from my store on Etsy, BTBbrowbands. More photos on the Facebook BTB Browbans page.

Monday, October 20, 2014

The secret of the traveling pants

Last Thursday, Bob called me while I was at work.

Bob: Hey, thanks for buying me these pants -- they're great!

Me: What pants?

Bob: The black ones -- they're comfortable! They don't hold heat, they don't irritate my skin. I can't believe you found me pants I can wear!

Me: Black pants -- I bought these recently?

Bob: I don't know, I just found them in my closet and I know I didn't buy them.

Me: Hmmmm. Well... Great!

After I hung up, I was puzzled.  I had not bought him any pants recently, although I do sometimes buy him clothes. That night, as I drove into our driveway I recalled our conversation. I walked through the door, interested to see the pants he had on.

Mystery solved.

Bob was wearing my pants. Specifically, he was wearing my Chicos traveler pants.

If you aren't familiar with these pants, they are wonderful -- 100% acetate, super-stretchy, no iron, they drape beautifully, and wear like iron. The fabric is lux, but the care is easy -- just shake out and wear them. I buy mine on Ebay.

How'd Bob stumble on them? Bob and I share one closet that runs the length of our bedroom. He must have found these toward the end of his side.

CTCL is an awful disease that makes your skin feel like it is on fire at times. Finding clothes that don't irritate Bob's skin is a challenge. If it works, it works, and you have to just go with it. I bought him a pair for himself on Ebay, just to wear at home. They are no  men's equivalents of these pants, although I heard Orvis sometimes carries an acetate pant for men.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Our NYC trip -- we met the guvnah

Just a little tidbit of humor with our NYC trip.

We left super early and as we walked to Sloan we joked about how early we were going to be. We noticed a few marching bands milling around the streets but still did not make the connection -- Columbus Day. Before we knew it, our path to the clinic was blocked by a parade. It took us an hour to work our way around it (no one seemed to know the path the parade was taking).

We came upon Gov. Andrew Cuomo working the crowd -- he was chewing gum. Meanwhile a recording blared "ANdrew CUOmo, friend of Italian Americans!" We heard that goofy recording over and over as we tried to get ahead of the path of the parade. It felt very strange.

I did snap a photo.