Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Riley's new bonnet

Loving Riley's new ear bonnet from Elegant Reflections, too Custom Fly Bonnets (also see Etsy shop). She has gorgeous samples and does custom work. We emailed each other for about an hour, discussing colors, design, crystals. I ordered it on Saturday, and it was mailed to me on Monday. My bonnet was $55. She also does complementing browbands, though I did the one shown here. Thumbs up!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Fourth of July! A personal recommendation

I didn't buy this awesome patriotic bonnet from Elegant Reflections  but isn't it stunning (check out the Etsy shop too)? I love the red/white/blue bonnet but ordered a custom scalloped version in "Riley Colors" (see the second bonnet below). The designer could not have been easier to work with, her bonnets are spectacular, and her prices are reasonable. As she worked with me on customizations she really listened and "got it" when I described what I was looking for. I'll share the custom order when it's done.
Happy 4th!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Where did all the sheepskin cribbing collars go?

Riley's cribbing habit generally it has not been a big deal for me, but for his sake I wish he didn't. He doesn't react when I put it on, so maybe it doesn't bother him.

Even so, I've always bought thick sheepskin covers for his collar. They really don't wash well -- no matter what I do they get shrunken and stiff --  so I buy new ones probably every six months.

Last time around I got these custom pink ones, because I could not find manufactured sheepskin strap covers anywhere else -- not at Horseman's Outlet (for you New Jersey-ites) or online.

I finally found some online at FarmHouse Tack -- ECP brand cribbing sheepskins -- but my order at FarmHouseTack.com came back permanently out of stock. The store owner was so nice! She found another brand (Fleeceworks) and ordered them for me.

I have to wonder why these are becoming so hard to find. Those of you who own cribbers, what are you doing?