Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My Trainer: Kristin Corcoran Part II

 Recall that I'm having a struggle in my lesson with crookedness. Here's what happens...

Not Kristin, and not me, but this is "the demo"
The demo and regroup
My trainer Kristin and I are in the center of the ring, and Kristin stands next to us. She gets in a "riding position" and illustrates the key weaknesses in my position that are allowing or causing crookedness.  It's a body tendency I instantly recognize -- collapsing and uneven hips, over-rotating my upper body. Then she demonstrates how to correct each flaw, repositioning her own hips/torso, and guides me in making the same corrections. I do. She nods, but it's not yet 100%. She says, "move your hips and torso even more to the right." I do, and when I feel like I am close to toppling off the other side, she says, "now you are straight."

We walk on a circle and Kristin keeps a near the reins, monitoring my contact and position. Ri starts to fall, but instead of impulsively grabbing the right rein in a punishing way, I follow Kristin's instructions to "tuck in" the outside shoulder and gently pulse and release the outside rein, releasing instead of holding.  I add a little inside leg, and Ri responds by standing up more in his shoulder and stepping under. Yeah!

 Back on a circle
Kristin has me move on a circle around her.  Now, though I again feel like I'm practically falling over the outside,  I can't help but notice that that Riley is easily bending around my inside leg. And when his inside hind leg "threads" slightly between his two front feet, I feel his back lift and something clicks. His neck, which was stiff as a board, feels round and rubbery and he is moving more into the outside rein. I can't help but feel that he has been waiting for this all along. It's now easy to keep a light, quiet contact. The gears are aligned and he is flowing forward like a waterwheel. Now I can feel where he is between my seatbones, too.

Riley is now stepping lively. We move into a trot. I  tap with the inside leg, and Ri has a power surge! His back is soft and springy for a half-circle, and I have a place to sit comfortably. When I feel the energy dissipate,  Kristin reminds me to sit more to the outside (which makes me straight). Again, power surge!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Horze reflective vest: more than I bargained for!

I'm likin' this look for biking
When contacted me to do a product review of their reflective gear, I was thinking the LED reflective vest could do triple duty: Riding, biking, and running.

Multiply that times 2, because the adjustable sides make it easy to fit to all body types -- both Bob and I can wear it. At only $29.95 it's a good buy, not only because it has reflectivity but because the LED lights can be off, flashing, or steady -- adding to your already strong visibility.

Bob snapped these shots of me before we went road biking on Saturday. What I think makes this a great buy...
  • Adjustability. There are side tabs that allow you to make it as small or as large as you want, within limits. I have a large, which easily adjusted to my more-medium frame, and Bob can enlarge it to fit his 6'3" frame. 
  • Reflectivity -- there is plenty of reflective surface on this garment.
  • LED lights -- I love the fact that you can light this vest up and even make it flash (triple AAA batteries fit into a front pocket. 
  • Mesh -- the mesh construction is breathable but with just enough stiffness that it holds a nice shape (not floppy). 
  • Wear with anything. Instead of buying short-sleeve, long-sleeve, lightweight, heavyweight hi-viz items, wear this with anything!
I will be using this vest regularly -- Thanks!


In our hall closet (reflectivity!)

In our basement, LED lights in steady-on

Ms. Roboto

Battery storage, possibly other stuff

Closeup of LED lights

Monday, October 5, 2015

My dream-jacket -- almost

So, This navy Pikeur Romina size 38 on Ebay is exacstly what I want, except it is not in a long.  I asked the seller many questions, and she was so patient -- I know she must be a good seller. I'm sharing this link on the chance that one of you might be in the market for a high-end jacket in great condition, for under (or about) $200.