Sunday, June 19, 2016

Study Confirms Horses 'Talk' to Human Handlers

Harv and I discussing how treats are dispensed
Shocker of a study from, but I appreciate some research affirming what most of us 'knew' but maybe couldn't prove: Study Confirms Horses 'Talk' to Human Handlers.  I've been lucky to have two super-expressive horses only two happy to weigh in on any/everything I did.

In some circles, this is known as being spoiled, or fresh maybe. It's a difficult balance. If horses are too constrained by discipline, I think they become a little robotic, or at least harder to read. It's like they have no  hope of influence.

Harv was, and Ri is, very influential.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

I'm not a fan: House fans in barns

House fans are for houses -- they're not designed to operate in barns! The motors are not in well-sealed containers and the dirt accumulates, and it is a fire hazard (read this Horse Journal article FMI). At BYOF barns I generally threw away my fans and replaced them every year. Someone recently posted this photo on Facebook, and it is a good reminder of what can happen.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Just just old age: Article alert!

New article from The Horse Magazine: Not Just Old Age: Why Do Senior Horses Die?

This article in The Horse made me think about Harv. Judging from the article most old horses succumb to digestive disorders. Harv, I will say, was done in by the neuro condition.

I dreamed of Harv a few weeks ago -- nothing dramatic, I was walking him around the perimeter of an indoor arena while kids played with ponies in the center. Not a barn/arena I recognize, it was larger than most I've ever used. At one point I hugged him and it was a very good hug. When I woke I had just a vague recollection of the particulars, but being close to Harv felt very real.