Sunday, August 21, 2016

A dressage moment in the movie Florence Foster Jenkins

Those of you who have SEEN FFJ are wondering what the heck they missed. A dressage moment in Florence Foster Jenkins?

Not strictly dressage maybe, but a statement that I loved -- it came at the very, very end, when FFJ (Meryl Streep) is gravely ill and talking to St. Clair (Hugh Grant). She describes her musical critics, and what they say about her. I love what she says. 

No spoilers! So I can't tell you exactly what she said.

But in the very end of the movie FJF says something. Take out the word "sing" and insert the word "ride."

It's a wonderful sentiment, and it makes me smile...

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Speaking of saddles...

I didn't follow the Olympics much but did see Nick Skelton's Gold-medal show jumping ride on Facebook. He's a sixty-ish?-year-old Brit with a metal plate in his hip and a lot of injuries, including a broken neck that led him to retire once. He came back from it obviously.

What's extra great about this is that he apparently did it in an old Stubben saddle -- look at those panels! And is it slightly askew?

You can see the winning round on Facebook, and one of his rounds on Youtube.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My Verhan Odyssey for Sale!

My Verhan Odyssey is for sale -- a great saddle, beautiful leather (Buffalo I think), 18" seat, Medium-Wide, absolutely beautiful condition -- asking $1800.

It's a comfy-to-sit saddle and seems to fit a lot of horses. The saddle was almost new when I bought it -- I would do a local trial for folks.

You can read a bit about Verhans on the Chronicle forums.  They are well-thought-of without having a lot of name recognition. They feel like an expensive saddle, but the resale value on them seems to be low, maybe due to name recognition. I paid $3k For this saddle when it was near-new. It's been well-cared for and it's ready for its happy new owner! Email sek4278 at gmail dot. com. I have more pix if you are interested.