Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Batman memories

Dad taught 8th grade chemistry for many years.  He won teaching awards and kept in touch with many of his students after graduation. Not too long ago, a former student wrote a letter to the editor of the Lafayette paper. She was expressing an opinion on a current issue in the schools, but to make her point she described the memories she had of excellent teachers -- and she mentioned dad by name. She praised his teaching skills but also remarked on the  genuine interest he took in his students, their lives, and their problems and concerns as young people.

As a teacher of middle school students, dad had schtick. He told the kids he was Batman and wove Batman references and stories into his lectures. Our family was in on the joke too, and Batman references were part of our household. In January, I bought dad Batman stamps (pictured right) -- but he never got to use them.

There was a time when it was hard to find Batman paraphernalia, but DC Comics are hot right now! I think of my dad every time I see the logo, and sometimes I indulge in a purchase.

 I stumbled on this night shirt at Walmart.com. Oh a whim I bought it -- for 12.95 why not? Turns out it is a lovely, comfortable fabric, and I'm so glad I have it!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Winning the cosmic lottery

With the passing of my father I've been reflecting on growing up in Indiana, my parents, and our history as a family.  My dad was teacher by profession, but he grew up on a dairy farm in the forties and fifties -- I think he was always a farmer at heart. Dad, along with his two brothers and sister, worked on the farm, and the Kimmels enjoyed prosperity and a comfortable lifestyle. I know dad recalled his childhood with great fondness.

And me -- my goodness -- what sort of cosmic lottery did I win? To be born in the United States, to to these parents, to have the advantages I have had -- what planets aligned to bring me here? The only response that makes sense is to have a profound sense of gratitude, and to appreciate  how blessed I am.