Monday, July 16, 2018

Artist giveaway, and cards as affordable art!

I can't stop looking at this image
I've stopped sending "occasion" cards for the most part -- why feed the Hallmark Beast when you can support artists, rescues, and non-profits? My husband contributes to many nature/rescue/diabetes non-profits and often they send lovely cards to us.  We can personalize them for any occasion in our own hand.

I occasionally get cards from a local horse rescue. There are times, though, I like to pull out all the stops and send a "wow" artsy card that is blank inside.

Artistic find! Caroline Towning
I found one recently that is so beautiful and haunting I read about the artist Caroline Towning. She is based in the U.K.  I liked it enough to order it from London. Do you see what I see? How ethereal, like a ghost horse.

Towning works in pencil and watercolor, and oil. Her attention to detail is both realistic and expressive -- the animals appear present and alive. 
I had a chance to engage with Caroline a little when I wrote to her about the card. I learned she worked in animation and design and as a curator before she decided to devote her life to painting horses. Now based in London, Caroline specializes in equine portraiture in  horse racing, polo, show jumping and dressage. She can be found at competition trade fairs in the UK, and I hope one day to see her at the Land Rover 3-day.

Caroline Towning
The giveaway!  
I have a beautiful "gray horse" card to give away -- if you ordered these in the U.S. the shipping costs would be prohibitive, so it's special. To enter the contest, just leave a comment with the name you would give to this gray horse. My choice:

White Album

Love the Beatles. Make sure you leave your contact info in the comment so I can reach you!

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