Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Are you a high maintenance horse person?

Most high maintenance horse people (HMH from now on) don't know they are high maintenance. Do you sometimes catch your trainer rolling his/her eyes as you discuss your horse concerns? Do fellow boarders exchange glances as you leave detailed turnout instructions on the message board? You may be a HMH and not even know it! There is a simple test to find out...

Yes, I have to know! (click here)

No, I don't care if I am! Take me shopping!


  1. Fun! I am low maintenance but with "some tendencies" and need to 'rein it in'!! Too true.

  2. Score: 14/56

    Uh, oh! I must not be putting in enough effort.

    Ok, here goes: "Clear out the cross-ties, and get your bling on. Here comes my little prince for his massage appointment!"

  3. Wow, I scored a 7, does this make me a bad horse mommy?? :-o I guess I'll call my vet on his cell phone while writing a nasty note on the white board... :-)

  4. My score was 20/56. Guess I'm a basically low-maintenance horsey person with a few HMH quirks.

    Hmm, guess my addiction to the Smartpaks, the bling and the monograms are what did it. I'm the one mucking my stall while wearing the black dressage gloves with the Swarovski crystal embellishment at the wrists.

  5. Solitaire mare, that is a hoot! Like wearing a mink coat to the laundrymat.

  6. I scored 4/56. I have to go check and see if I'm still breathing now.

  7. LOL!

    I scored 19 but I must have latent HMH tendencies b/c I am seriously lusting after that outfit!

  8. Hahhhahha! OMG stacey! Your "mink at the laundrymat" answer just reminded me who my mentor was in HMH! The woman who owned the back yard barn where I boarded years ago used to wear her furs when she came out to the barn to check on the horses!!


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