Sunday, January 20, 2008

"How was your weekend?" Don't Ask!

Click here to bypass kvetching and view some comic relief, a YouTube video.

The weekend started out well. Saturday I had a lesson on Harvey and then decided to do some horse-related shopping. I drove 40 minutes to a tack shop in Bucks County, looking for a Happy Mouth bit for Riley. Not just any Happy Mouth, but the new ones available in pastel colors. A little boutique-like tack shop near Doylestown seemed like the best bet for finding one, and they had the exact one I wanted--a 5" loose ring snaffle in pink. The clerk praised my keen eye for snaffle fashion, and I left the store on a mild shopper's high. I plopped into my Ford Focus and turned the key in the ignition, expecting to hear a reassuring purr of the motor. Nothing. Nothing but a quiet thump.

In December I paid $600 so my car would pass inspection, and just a few days ago I'd shelled out another $600 to fix a coolant leak and some associated issues. An hour or so later, the tow truck arrived, and there was more bad news. No, it wasn't the battery, said the tow guy. He loaded my car and headed an hour north to my Ford dealership.

My husband picked me up. I hoped he would not ask me why I drove 40 minutes to this tack shop when others are closer. I didn't want to tell him that I had to have a pink bit for Riley. To avoid conversation, I spent the drive on my cell phone, trying to find a rental car. This is not an easy task at 4 pm on a Saturday. I finally had success with the airport Budget Rent-a-Car. We went to pick up my car, ironically a Ford Focus, and for $75 I had wheels for the weekend.

Bob was all sympathetic, and he took me out to eat at a restaurant near the airport. What a nice end to a bad day, I thought to myself as I inhaled a plate of taco chips and salsa. Plus we had a coupon. Good food does lift one's spirits, but in this case it was temporary. Later that night I began to feel the classic symptoms of food poisoning. At 1 am I was clutching my stomach. By 2 am i was clutching base of toilet. I started feeling better at 3am, and managed to sleep till my alarm went off at 5:15am. Yes, the alarm goes off on Sundays. I work at Riley's barn caring for 20-odd horses. In 45 minutes I was trudging around in muck boots in 12 degree weather. What a loser weekend.

One last bit of kvetching. It's Monday, and the dealership called at 7a.m. I need a new starter, and they'll give me one, installed, for $452. Oh, and then the dealership sales department called, they're wondering if I'd like to trade up to a nicer, more reliable vehicle.

The "How was your weekend" Comic Relief
Could you use some comic relief? Me too. The selection is a propos nothing, but it is really fun. Called "Warner Spills and Chills," its a retrospective of equestrian mishaps, skillfully edited and set to music by what must be a die-hard eventing family. Five girls! If you haven't already seen the Warner's video (it's popular), you're in for a treat! Brace yourself for some harrowing footage and possible evidence of child endangerment. I wanna meet these kids! And how'd they end up with all of these naughty ponies?

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  1. Oh, Stacey! You poor dear. Does it make you feel any better that I spent $1,200 last month on my car? At least I didn't have to do it and follow it up with hugging my toilet. So sorry!

    As to the video, please tell me you haven't had any serious spills. See, that's why you'll never find me anywhere near a horse. He'll sense my fear and then fling me off immediately!


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