Friday, January 11, 2008

Young prospects: How to read a sale ad

This is a photo (sales photo?) of John Henry as a yearling. What a face! Even at this age, he looks like an old codger at heart--not exactly a beauty. What Who knew then he'd grow up to be a legendary old codger?

I wrote up something on sales ads for prospects, but it requires explanation (if not an abject apology). I spent much of the weekend at my husband's uncle's 90th birthday celebration. The pinnacle of le grande fete was the birthday dinner -- table for 20, me at the far end, away from what little action there was. There was ample time for my mind to wander, and I started jotting down this little chart on sales ads. It was amusing at the time, but consider the context. The theme is "what the ads say" vs. "what the ads mean." Yeah, I know, it's been done before....

The ad says: What it means:
Stallion Prospect Buyer to geld
In your pocketBring a taser
Too many horses! Seller's least favorite
"10" trotMPH
Uphill frameCamera tilted
Large bone Mack truck
Quick hind leg Nailed the farrier
Not for amateur Not for mortal
Colt has FEI gaitsSeller has gone off medication
Private TreatyRich husband?
Rare bloodlinesFor good reason
Very correct What you are when you think he toes in

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