Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ready for ROLEX!

I think this video was posted on the Chronicle of the Horse. Wish the name of the horse and rider were provided. Talk about guts and determination! Not being a risk-taker myself, eventing gives me a chance to live vicariously. Enjoy!

Update: Thanks to Tysongirl for IDing the rider, Karen O'Connor. I could hear the announcer say "Karen" but I don't think he used her last name. Also, the COTH just did an article on Teddy -- Karen and Teddy have set their sites on Rolex 2008.


  1. thats karen o'connor :) i remember seeing that on tv!!

    really enjoy your blog, keep it up!

  2. WOW! Such determination and what a good horse. Didn't take a step throughout the whole struggle. Amazing. I love watching these events but I haven't yet found a good onlne source for videos. YouTube is just photos. Do you know of any links?

  3. Yeah, I had to cringe at the way her leg jerked when the stirrup reached the end of its length. is actually a great source of videos. is photos. You can also use google to find videos.

    Look at me I'm such a librarian!


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