Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bob's take on the equestrian world

My husband: Animal lover, military enthusiast, electron microscopist, lay-scientist, conservationist, and former farm loan officer. He views the equestrian world--foreign to him until he met me--from a unique personal perspective, definitely a man's perspective. Here are some endearing moments.

At Devon: "Look, the horse over there is doing a Pilaf." (piaffe)

Watching show jumpers at Devon: "I see that some horses are wearing mud flaps." (bell boots)

At Rolex: "What day will they be doing the fitness trail?" (cross country course)

At the barn: "Here, I brought you your shin guards." ( half chaps)

By the paddock: "I turned Harvey out and secured the perimeter!" (closed the gate)

Catching a loose horse: "I've got him by the snout!" (muzzle)

At the barn: "Who cleans their cages?"

As he was mucking Harv's stall (having learnt who cleans their cages): "Now I know why they call us 'bride and groom.'"

At Riley's inspection: "Hey, they even have gestapo soup." (gaspacho)

And finally, Bob's first breed show experience. After weeks of planning and 3 solid days of preparation, we get up at 4am to drive to Fair Hill MD with Riley. Riley is in the ring for about 2 minutes. Bob's reaction:

My husband's comment about horse showing from Stacey Kimmel-Smith on Vimeo.


  1. So funny! Being a non-horse person myself, Bob's descriptions make perfect sense to me. Mud flaps. Priceless.

  2. Classic! What a great guy you have... Bride and groom! HAH!

  3. Hoo! Pilaf! I wish my horse could pilaf. Then we'd have a nice side dish for dinner.

  4. I love it! My husband (non-horsey too) was helping me tack and asked if I needed the girdle yet (girth).

  5. Ha ha ha, what a great blog entry!

    I really like your blog and some of the websites/resources you have found and the topics you discuss. Have you ever thought of posting about pros and cons of boarding vs. keeping your horse at home? I seem to hear a lot of discussion on that topic! :)

  6. Thanks so much. Your suggestion is a very good one -- I've only boarded myself but have horse-sat for friends who keep horses and have a tiny inkling of the responsibility and benefits. I'll put that one on the list.

    It's great when people suggest things -- sometimes I run low on ideas!


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