Saturday, March 29, 2008

Likits: Horses love'em, but owners?

I recently posted a message to the Chronicle of the Horse (COTH) about LikitsTM. LikitsTM are a hanging stall toy with a flavored waxy middle -- the part that horses love. The LikitTM is refillable.

Harvey loves them, but darn it, I hate the refills! I can't figure out how to get the round, waxy flavored stuff out of the refill container. It's obviously poured into the mold, and it's STUCK in there. I usually end up cutting the Likit out with needle nosed pliers. What on earth am I missing? In the absence of instructions from the company, I posted to the Chronicle of the Horse bulletin board. Here is the first response, from Sublime Equine.

Likits are EXTREMELY EASY to get out of their plastic containers if you just follow these easy steps!

1. Bring Likit right in front of your horse while you try and open it, so horse continuously tries to maul you for it during the extraction process.

2. Assemble a plethora of tools you're SURE will work. ie, hammer, hoofpick, pliers, scissors, chainsaw, explosives, rabid beaver, etc, etc.

3. Squish pliers between the plastic and Likit itself to pry plastic off. Realize every twist you make with the pliers is breaking off parts of the Likit, and pieces of the plastic container go flying like shrapnel. Safety goggles are advised at this point.

4. Throw away the GOD DAMMED pliers. Those DAMN THINGS didn't do ANY HELP. They are CLEARLY worthless PIECES OF JUNK!!! Move onto other tools, to find that they're all WORTHLESS. Decide you should become an inventor to make a tool that ACTUALLY WORKS, DAMMIT!!!!!!

5. Resort to throwing the Likit on the ground in hopes the plastic will break somehow. Stomp on it with your muddy boot for good measure.

6. Begin swearing. Or crying. Or both. If your horse gives you a look like you've CLEARLY gone mad, you're on the right track!

7. Go back to step 5, and repeat until Likit is freed from its plastic fortress, or until exhaustion sets in. Either way, it's going to be another couple hours.


Thanks Sublime, for making me laugh!


  1. Great Post!! I also bought one and found it hard to get out and if your horse dose not lick it right away the flies are all over it!! YUCK!!

  2. I don't think I've had flies with this product, but the grain ball hang toy was a nightmare. It says to hang it wither height, but my yearling would slobber on it and then walk around it. The molassess stuck to his coat, and he was tortured by flies one night. Fortunately he's a laid back baby. It could have been a lot worse.

  3. This is a hoot! I don't have Likits but a competitive brand and that refill is just as bad! I can so relate to this post!! YOu have to wonder what the manufacturers were thinking. If we can't even get them out of the plastic to refill, how are we every going to buy more. Definitely not good marketing. lol

  4. I can't get anything out of the packaging. I spent half the night trying to get a new digital thermometer out of the plastic hanging thingie and cut myself on the packaging.

    And I'm so glad my daughter is beyond Barbie-type horse toys. Never was anything so tied to the packaging. I cut off parts of the horse's mane trying to get it undone.

    I let my daughter do the Likits. She's only 13 and not good at cussing. I hope the Likits don't change that.

    Very funny and great post.

  5. Quote: I let my daughter do the Likits. She's only 13 and not good at cussing. I hope the Likits don't change that.

    That is such a hoot!

    I really should email the likit company. Don't mean to badmouth their product but a few minor improvements would build their consumer base...

  6. Hi Guys,

    Just been very amused reading your post, I work for Likits and I can assure you we are working on a great solution that you should hopefully see in stores by Autumn.

    In the meantime, I have found the best way to remove the plastic packaging is to cut down either side with a pair of scissors and then open the shell. Turn upside down and tap on a hard surface, the Likit will then fall down the stick and free from the packaging.

    The Likit Pliers are actually to help remove the empty Little Likit pots from the Tongue Twister and Boredom Breaker as we had feedback to say these were difficult to remove.

    We always appreciate feedback, good or bad so please get in touch with us using the 'Contact Us' section on the website,

    Best wishes,

  7. so much for 'coming this fall' dude its winter and still impossible to open likits.

    My mom (not very good at horse stuff) was like 'put it in warm water it'll be easier' which of course proceded to ruin my new likit. Here is what you do.

    Take scissors and totally just (actually, a hammer might work better) bash the outside to bits. It will make the likit a bit deformed, but once you have broken through the shell it can be cut/peeled/bashed off easier. Good luck!!! Likits suck!

  8. my horse absolutely loves them he eats them instead of licks them so i have the trouble of spending a good hour opening those things only for it to be eaten in ten minutes!


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