Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Beyond Ebay: Used stuff for equestrians

I've lusted after this wool blanket from O'Halloran for years -- whether for horses or people, this is my dream-plaid. The price, though, is out of my league. Finding this blanket used, at a basement price, is a long shot, but it is my quest. I routinely check "my sources" for this, and other desiderata.

Where to find that "wonderful find"
Ebay's equestrian sport category offers great variety but good deals are rare. The winning bid looks alot like retail price more often than not. There are other used tack Web sites. If they lack the richness and variety, the deals are better. Some good sources of used tack are local GMO newsletters (Region 6 has a a great used tack site), regional pubs like the Equine Marketer, and Craigslist.

Used Equestrian Equipment

Bits and Barter Board
English and western bits, clothing, attire, mixture of mid-range (e.g., Devonaire) and elite (e.g., ariat, charles owens) type equipment, videos, etc. Great deals and trades. (sale and wanted boards)
This is a super resource for deals, and a friendly board. I posted to the WANTED list for white breeches, explaining that I wanted to bring my TB out of retirement for one show, and didn't want to buy a pair that I'd use once. Someone replied, and sent me well-worn but perfectly nice white breeches for the cost of shipping.

Ultimate Dressage Bulletin Board
Tailor made for my champagne taste, super quality items at discounted prices.

Great quantity of mid-range apparel items (Devonaire, Kerrits), nice saddles, bits, and other tack.

Chubby pony tack shop
Love this one! Small but reasonably priced selection. Well-described items, reasonably priced.
Literally thousands of items, mostly mainstream saddle brands (0 hits for dominus, laser, county). Mid-range type breeches, etc., but there seems to be a ton of kids' clothing.

Riders Crossing Tack and Apparel


Equestrian Imports (also quality saddles for rent!)

Farmhouse tack

Used saddle search

St. Croix Saddlery

Trumbull Mountain Tack show

Pelham Saddlery

Classic Saddlery

Bucks County Saddlery and (recommended by Liz Goldsmith!)


  1. Great list!

    Here are two more saddle resources that I like:

    Bucks County Saddlery (

  2. Thanks for the links. I have a saddle I am searching for so maybe now I can locate it.

  3. Great lot of resources, thanks!

    I don't think I can go past ebay when it comes to encouraging my horse books addiction but it's great to know of other resources for good tack!

  4. I've had wonderful luck (usually) buying and selling on e-bay but you're right -- so many times the cost is close to retail, especially if you've got a discount card/promotion at your local saddlery. Still, I've bought (and sold) three wonderful saddles on e-bay. One was a cheap but substantial child's saddle, one was an salesperson's exquisite sample, and one was just plain used and needed work. I sold the child's saddle and one I inherited on e-bay.

    Wish I could find a good source for riding breeches. My daughter wears them out plus she's growing so fast. I found a Kerrit's dealer on e-bay but she's not a lot cheaper than retail. Some of the unfamiliar brands can be quite odd, some so odd as to be un-usable.

    Love the story about someone sending you dressage breeches for price of postage. Horse people are wonderful!

    These look like great links!

  5. I used Ebay to try different saddles to see what I liked. Was originally going to rent, but it was so expensive I just bought 3-4 saddles on Ebay, tried them, and resold them after testing them out. I was able to rule out several saddle models that I was thinking about. Only loss was postage. Of course it's cheapest to borrow, but some saddles are just too rare (e.g., Laser).

  6. Oh, how dare you! Now I too am coveting that blanket and basically everything else on that website, but they are no longer in business!

    Where can I find all those pretty things?! The blankets, saddle pads, jackets... I covet them all.

    Please tell me they are sold somewhere else!

  7. Now that I own a chestnut it is only a matter of time before I offer to buy one at any price. I'm just waiting for Riley to GROW into his permanent size.

  8. Great resources, Stacey. I've given you an Excellent Award and link over on my blog, which you can drop by to pick up.

  9. Thanks for this great idea, I would never have thought of it myself. Great list too.

  10. Awesome list!! The new and improved Region 6 website is wonderful.

  11. I loved the Chubby Pony when it was just down the road from me ... then Dottie up and moved. Sad, sad. I got some really classic and long-wearing attire and equipment from her shop--not to mention selling ancient saddles.

  12. Another good one is Sorry if you already mentioned it.

  13. Behind the Bit is a great resource.
    I have received compliments on my web site selling new and used tack and clothing. I wonder if you would like to add it to your list.

  14. Thanks for the list! Have you ever used for eous? They have some great deals on there, but I want to be sure that they are trustworthy. Thanks!


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