Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Keyword searches for stuff in my blog

As a librarian, I'm interested in what keywords people use to pull up data. One of the perks of my blog is that I can view the keyword searches that pulled up articles in Behind the Bit. Do these folks find what they're looking for? Judging from the search keywords, I'm guessing not.

People have an unshakable faith in Google's ability to interpret whatever they type --and judging from the searches below, to solve their problems! Don't believe the hype--search engines are not intelligent. As wonderful as Google is, it's not omniscient.

Halt Near X (a terrific blog) gave me the idea to review keyword searches.

(my response in italics)

Keywords: my horse bucks at transitions when using dressage whip
Patient: Doctor it hurts when I move my arm this way.
Doctor: So don't move your arm that way.
Lose the whip, honey.

Keywords: dressage it's like watching grass grow
Hey, that's not a search, that's an opinion--get a blog!

Keywords: dressage very bouncy trot sitting improving
I feel like we know each other...

Keywords: what is the nutritional value of carrot cake
A cup and a half of butter and sugar, and cream cheese icing? What do you think?

Keywords: donnerhall and rubenstein are to dressage as is to jumping
Are you taking the SAT right now?

Keywords: new horse at my barn disease quarantine mortality
There's a story behind this one, for sure...

Keywords: What bit is best for a crazy thoroughbred
Get thee to a trainer!

Keywords: I wrecked my mom’s car
Sorry, nothing on this blog will help you out of it.

Keywords: report bad business practices barn horse riding
Get thee to a lawyer!

Keywords: How to make money at a boarding barn
Fortune cookie says: If you want to make a small fortune in horses, start with a large fortune.

And my personal favorite (drumroll)...

Keywords: Jan Ebeling and Stacey Kimmel
Perhaps the only time in past or future that these two names will be linked in ANY WAY.


  1. I love your Blog( you posted it on NC horse news)

    I check it everyday!!

    Commentary for the keyword search made me smile!

  2. Very funny, Stacey. The SAT one is my favorite.

    I shake my head every day at the Google searches that lead to my blog. Some are too bizarre for words.

  3. Actually, there's an interesting question in one of those keyword searches.

    Who has been as influential on jumper breeding as Donnerhall and Rubinstein have been to dressage.

    For Pleasure perhaps? Argentinus? Cor de La Bryere (sp?)?

  4. Cor de la bryere is a name I hear over and over, also Ramiro. There is an interesting article on the World Breeding Federation's rankings at

  5. It pays to preview. Here's the link...

    You'll have to cut and paste each line individually...

  6. you always make me laugh. I think the sitting trot search was me

  7. Oh please tell me how to do this (I have a blogspot) I am also incompetant on a computer!! Love the blog, always beautifully written.

  8. Hi Laura, do you mean check out keyword searches? Sign up for any one of these services: (recommended)

    I have them all and see different
    results for all. Feedburner is free,
    though, and easy to set up.

    Good luck!

  9. I'm so glad I'm not the only one fascinated by keyword searches.

    Try having a blog with "x" in the title. It gets really interesting in the stats sometimes...

  10. I'm so glad you're back Halt@X -- one of my favorite blogs and I was missing it.

    I stole the idea of keyword searches from you. I'll add a link to your keyword article, I thought it was a hoot!


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