Monday, April 28, 2008

Rolex 2008 pix: Courtesy of Bob

Here are some of the photos he took on our little digital camera. We weren't able to get as close as last year, but some of the images are still nice, if a bit fuzzy. If you know the horse/riders, let me know! I have to match up numbers on some of them.

Becky Holder and Courageous Comet, gorgeous in
every frame from dressage to jumping

Teddy and Karen, post awards ceremony. Up close, when he's resting, you see how small he is. He looks much bigger when he's moving.

Teddy was eager and hothothot. A few of the fences were awkward,
but he's such an athlete he gets himself out of it.

Teddy again, in more classic form.

Phillip Dutton on Connaught. He truly made it look easy.

Mr. Big at the creek oxer.

Why Cortaflx sells so well, note hind leg...

Why Cortaflx sells so well, note foreleg...
Dorothy Crowell on Radio Fyer

Now that I've won Rolex, can ya fatten me up a little?

Lovely leaps (above and below) Allison Springer on Arthur

Tara Ziegler and her Buckingham Place have a terrific partnership. They were eliminated for missing an element following a mishap. But they finished the course in good time, in good form.

Mr. Big jumps like a big flea (a compliment!!!), and I marvelled at how he negotiated this course. His form is different from the other horses but graceful and nimble. I'm so in love with this horse.

Tipperary Liahnam and Kim Severson

Dunraths Alto and Lauren O'Brien

Note: Bob's experience at Rolex
Bob had a rough time at Rolex this year, he was at fence 13 when Quiet Man fell. By his account it was a wretched, heartbreaking scene. I was at the start gate, and he called me from the car to say he was done with Rolex. I asked him to come with me to the show jumping on Sunday. He did come and photograph "the ones who survived." He is going to write the USEA. It may or may not help the situation, but I know Bob will feel better. The weekend was troubling to both of us, but Bob saw it firsthand.


  1. Re: Connaught's weight... I've heard from a pretty reputable source that Phillip basically starves his horses before the dressage phase to keep them quieter. :o

  2. That would only make me more ornery! When I ride Harv during suppertime (while other horses are eating), he is always super-annoyed.

    I wonder if that means they miss a meal or two, or something else. But then how would they be fit for the other two days?

    No doubt he is pretty lean.

  3. Stacey - I've been reading your blog for a while and love it.

    I, too was at Rolex. It was a wonderful weekend in some ways and gut wretching in others. We witnessed Dornin North's fall as well as Frodo Baggins. I don't care to remember either. Bob SHOULD write the USEA. I have. They must and will fix the sport.

    Bob's photos are great. The riders are:
    the chestnut with cortaflex comment is Dorothy Crowell on Radio Fyer.
    Both pics of the liver chestnut you have as (Oz?) is Allison Springer on Arthur. The gray landing over th oxer is Tipperary Liahnam and Kim Severson. The black horse over the oxer is Dunraths Alto and Lauren O'Brien.

    I am a HUGE Mr. Big fan. He is the word Cool. :)

  4. On the USEA blog, Julia was quoted as saying MB has a fan club. Is it a real fan club? I *must* know, so I can join! I've tried to locate Julia's contact info to ask, but no luck.


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