Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This week is Bridlemania! Dressage bling

My bridle shopping is now officially out of control, so I dub this week Bridlemania week, or maybe week-to-ten-days. During my bridle research, I stumbled across the Kieffer bridle Web site. They have some interesting twists on the standard dressage bridle. I believe their bridles are of very good quality, which helps when you're pushing the envelope of tradition. I like them, and I don't like them. They are certainly not right for most horses, but I think on the right horse they could be stunning!

To the left is the Kieffer Bicolor bridle -- intended to be worn with the saddle pictured right (also Kieffer). I would not put them in the same room, much less on the same horse. The bridle does come with two sets of cheekpieces (black, tobacco). Only a small subset of the horse population would have the panache to carry it off. Imagine the bridle on a black or chestnut that has the confidence, talent, and performance to carry it off. I can see it.

Nice detailing!
I'm also liking their Anja style bridle (left) that hides some of the bridle hardware for a clean, modern look. Sharp! On the right is their Ergonomic bridle line that features nice padding behind the ear. Why don't more companies experiment with the bridle design? Just a little?

Helloooo JonBenet!
Maybe I was on the fence about the two-tonebridle, but I draw the line at dressing babies as adult horses. That cute little face is totally overwhelmed. Kieffer, go back to the drawing board. Delicately made, elegant headgear for weanlings and yearlings is a great idea for inspections and breed shows. Someone is missing the opportunity to make money by not inventing a bridle/halter. I envision a rolled bridle that has no bit but a halter ring at the bottom of the noseband.

Kieffer has done some cool things. But it's tough to beat a well-made bridle with some nice options for piping color. That's where I'm leaning at the moment.

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  1. The second bridle reminds me of a Hennig. As I am sure you know they are very expensive but designed in a way that is most comfortable for the horse. Tons on padding and the metal is all in between the layers of padding so it does not touch the horse for maximum comfort. I don't know any horse can pull off the bi-colored track up top...Even a solid black horse would look...well interesting in it.


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