Saturday, May 3, 2008

Diving horses of Atlantic City

When I was a kid, I got special permission to go to the Adult section of the public library -- adult meaning "not children's books." I have a vague recollection of reading a book about women and horses jumping from diving platforms at great height. Did I dream this? I even remembered the book title: A Girl and Five Brave Horses. It's been one of those half-formed memories in my brain, and I've never been so curious that I tried to verify that book exists. And then I ran across this:

Five brave horses indeed! And some foolish girls. If you're amazed at what passes for entertainment these days, this must be the historic equivalent of Dog: The Bounty Hunter.


  1. There is a Disney movie about the first (only?) woman to ride the diving horses, Sonora Webster Carver. It's called "Wild Hearts Can't be Broken."

    After seeing it, I did some reading on the diving horses. Quite an amazing thing. She went blind from detached retinas that were caused when her horse hit the water off balance but continued her act for many years! She lived to be 99.

    Talk about a dangerous activity!

  2. That's amazing and honestly terrifying!!! Wow and everyone gives eventers a hard time...


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