Saturday, May 10, 2008

Where are my lucky socks? Things that help me ride better

Some very successful and talented riders won't enter the ring without their "lucky socks." These talismans may or may not hold special powers--what matters is that we think they do. Solitaire Mare talks about this in her blog article Good Luck Charms. I tend to be pragmatic in my choice of charms and amulets, usually they're in the form of a new gadget or technique. There are things that I do that should help, and they give me confidence. Here are a few...

Rein charms!
I have a problem hanging on to my reins, Harv doesn't pull but the reins still get longer and longer. I tried knotting my reins but the knots were too big. I bought some "little kid" pony tail holders, like the one pictured below, and wrap them once around each rein at the place where I want to hold the reins.

I wondered if the little balls would stay in place, and I thought they might leave impressions on the leather if wrapped too tight. Neither is true.

Heel stretch ritual
Every day at lunch, I pull out my heel stretcher and stretch my heels. I suspect this really does help physically. I close my office door, put on my tennies, and perch over the heel stretcher in, alternating between a straightened knee and "riding position."

The Pilates teaser exercise is an ab killer. Again, this should improve my riding and it probably does. I only spend about an hour 3-4 times a week in the saddle. This exercise make me feel like I'm working toward my riding goals, and it reassures me that my ab muscles really are present and in working order.


  1. I think we are all a little crazy. I would never compete without my favorite earrings and my 'lucky pin' that went on my collar.

  2. I always apply a fresh coat of MAC housewine (my signature color) lipstick as I enter the ring. It smells like rosemary and lavender. I am also completly ritualistic (sp?) in tacking up beofer going to warm ups

  3. Good idea about the rein charms. My granddaughter is dyslexic and has problems remembering where she's supposed to be holding her reins because her "visual" isn't reliable. This looks like a great fix for her.

  4. Great topic, I just posted something similar on my own blog! I'm adding you to my "must reads" list. Nothing I love more than horses and horse stuff!!


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