Friday, June 27, 2008

Equinely Inclined: Mentions BTB!

The Canadian newscast, Equinely-Inclined, mentions Behind the Bit in its June 5 podcast. Harvey gets some airtime! Well, they say his name anyway. You can download this episode; the commentators are easy to listen to (those Canadian accents!). Wish they had an equivalent in the U.S.!

The picture to the left is kind of unrelated, just thought it was cute...


  1. WHOOOHOOO!!! You go guys!!

    Air time... next thing you know, we can say, "We knew Stacey and Harvey when...." ;)


  2. I listened to it! Congrats on the start of being famous!! he he

  3. So you like Canadian accents, eh?

    Cool that your blog was mentioned...

    Do you really think Canadians sound that different? (Aside from a strong Boston/southern accent, I mean.)

  4. I like the podcast, the announcers are really very quaint-sounding (doubt they'd like that description but it's true!).

  5. The accent seems to vary, I've worked with a canadian woman whose canadian-ness was not very apparent. I think the narrators for Equinely Inclined have pretty strong accents. I find them very soothing.

  6. As a Canadian, that is interesting that you think they have strong accents. They sound like every one else around here - maybe we all have strong accents and don't know it! :-)


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