Monday, June 2, 2008

Foals of 2008: Leapin' and Jumpin'

This 4 day old Don Alfredo colt shows a propensity for jumping, like his dad.

A few notes on Don Alfredo: He is known for producing show jumpers and hunters. Some COTH breeders have said that he shortens the back and gives a powerful engine to his offspring. He adds height, topline, and a good temperament.

Another '08 colt takes his first cross-pole. This one is by Conteur, by Contender.

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  1. Watching those babies makes me which I was working this coming breeding season!

    We had one last year that at a couple of months of age was in a foaling crush while we were covering his mum. From a standstill he jumped out. Granted, he got caught up on the top rail but flipped himself over it, but it is five feet high and he managed to get the front half of his body up over the top rail from a standstill. The coworker who competes in eventing is eying him off, surprise, surprise!


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