Saturday, June 7, 2008

"It's just like The Truman Show"

The other day an acquaintance walked by while I was photographing the crack in Riley's hoof (weekly photos to monitor changes). She jokingly remarked that Riley's life "is like The Truman Show!" She's exaggerating only slightly about my camera-wielding ways.

The picture to the left is a still image from the Devon video footage I took last week--can't resist pointing out the positive DAP in this anemic hunter jog (see my DAP article for more info). You've probably guessed that this is YET ANOTHER entry about Devon--in this case, the entire 6 minute video of the highlights of the Devon hunter breed show class, 2 year old non-TB geldings/colts. Riley is number 142, handled by the woman in a gray suit (first horse you see). If you want to see only the highlights, here are some to fast forward to:

  • At 5:00 to 5:42 is the horse that should have won the class IMHO, Legazcy. I wouldn't want to own him, but he has a real presence. Can't believe he is two.
  • Age appropriate horses I liked. At 4:43, a nice gray; at 3:23, a nice dressage type.
  • At 2:18, the guy in the cowboy hat is Ray Francis, and the winner of the class.
  • Riley's trot at 5:47.

Applying hoof-polish before the class.
Thanks to Bob for capturing my big blue behind!

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