Monday, June 23, 2008

Musical Freestyles on the Interstate

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The other day someone invited me to a musical freestyle clinic. I politely declined. Not that I'm not interested. I just love musical freestyles, and I do them all the time.

In my car.

I have a bunch of CD mixes that will one day be edited my  ultimate freestyle(s). In the meantime, I play them in my car and perform fantasy freestyles while cruising the highways of Pennsylvania. In my interstate freestyles, Riley is confirmed grand prix. Harv performs only occasionally, and to great fanfare -- the Tony Bennett of the horse world. We don't go above fourth level. He's 21, after all.

The Freestyle Music
I have a hip hop freestyle, a Prince and the Revolution freestyle, a Phantom of the Opera freestyle (I can't believe no one has used this music), an 80's rock freestyle, and a Motown freestyle. Here's a quick list of the music videos of my faves...

Disclaimer: These choices may or may not work with actual horse gaits. It's not a problem with interstate freestyle, at any rate.

My all time favorite choice!


  1. POTO is a hard fit for a lot of horses because of the quick tempo and you have to splice a lot of elements, which just creates some herky jerkyness to it.

    You also might want to try The Producer's overture.

  2. I thought I was the only one that did this!

    On my list of favorites are:

    These Are the Days by 10,000 Maniacs
    Goody Two Shoes by Adam Ant
    No One by Alecia Keys (great for trot work)
    Set Me Free by Anastasia (also great for trot work)
    Somebody to Love by Queen
    I Believe by Yolanda Adams
    Paralyzer by Finger Eleven

    Once Upon a Dream would be good for tempi changes, and I've seen freestyles done to both the Phantom theme and Mambo #5, and both went well. The lady that the the Phantom also dressed up (it was a small show) even her horse was wearing a mask!

  3. Goodie two shoes, YES! I love Stray Cat Strut (not adam ant) but it might be too syncopated. In my phantom freestyle a mask is on his hindquarter -- you know how they use egg white to brush the checker pattern? Would love to see the phantom freestyle...

  4. I think you have missed your calling! Maybe that should be side carrer for you, designing freestyles.

  5. I'm a grand prix freestyle rider trapped in the body of a training level rider....

  6. Some of the Lady Marmalade music was used by Andreas Helgstrand in his WEG 2006 performance. Check it out on YouTube! It's amazing.

  7. HOLY OMG!!!!!!
    This is the greatest!
    I too, thought I was the only one that does this as well!
    I am preparing my first Freestyle traing level, (Grand Prix in my mind) and I am having a blast! I am using lyrics, and doing it just for me and my horse. I am 52, my horse is 21, and neither of us is getting any younger.
    How about Run DMC and Aerosmith "Walk this Way" for perfect walk music?
    I hoe you all help and support me, my comrades of interstate musicals!


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