Friday, July 18, 2008

Arab cross named Oldenburg stallion prospect!

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One of BTB's most-read blog entries is the showcase of non-warmbloods competing in dressage -- there's clearly a lot of interest in expanding our notions of what breeds make a good dressage/sport horse. For those of us who think along these lines, take heed of this news!

The GOV Oldenburg inspection at High Point Hanoverians is 2.5 hours from my home, so I didn't make the trek down last weekend. I'm still kicking myself. When the summary of the inspection was posted on COTH, there was a lot of buzz and excitement -- the colt Sondheim (arab mare X Sinatra Song) was named a stallion prospect. One look (below) and you can see why.

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Here is another great example: Rezerection, a premium Oldenburg colt by Rosenthal / Zima (Arabian ). Both foals are bred and owned by Herberto Ledesma.

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I have my fingers crossed that someone will post video footage.


  1. Love the four white socks on the second one...make sure you nudge Mikael's Mania with this post...she could use a pick-me-up. I've always thought arabs had a place in dressage. What a beautiful cross these guys are.

  2. I'm still trying to work out how I found this blog LOL, think it was via a fellow blogger but just had to say I LOVE these two babies. We breed paint horses and I dont get the opportunity to see the english side of riding and warmbloods (in fact not in the last 7 years) and these two babies are awesome.

    I will be back to visit some more.

  3. I love reading stuff like this. I know that my next horse will be an arabian, it's just a question of if it will be a purebred or partbred! I'm thinking purebred, but then I see horses like this and I think hmm, a half arab might not be so bad!

  4. Wonderful foals. Zima is a Polish bred Arabian mare ('zima' means 'winter' in Polish) :)


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