Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The BTB version of Harper's Index

I always cringe a little when a horsey aquaintance tells me they've discovered my blog. In darker moments, I imagine them thinking where does she get off? She's no expert!!!

And they're right. When I write I try to convey that I'm NOT a horse expert. My trainer, barn manager, and veterinarian give me great advice, and being a librarian helps -- doing research is second nature.

So the takeaway message is, Standard Disclaimers Apply. In the spirit of being truthful my experience with horses (and the topics I blog about!), I offer you the BTB Index, with apologies to Harper's Magazine....

The Behind the Bit Index...

Breeding expertise
Number of BTB breeding-related articles: Over 20
Number of mares I have actually bred: 0
Number of times I have fainted during a childbirth video: 1
Book that reliably produces a gag reflex: Blessed are the Broodmares

Eventing experience
Number of BTB articles on eventing/Rolex: 5
Number of postings on COTH eventing forum: >20
Number of events I have competed in: 0
Odds that Julia Steinberg will slug me for poking fun of her facial expressions: 3 to 1

Grooming know-how
Number of articles on braiding: 3
Dollars spent on braid kits, braiding videos, and Quick Braid: >100
Number of braid jobs that made it to the horse show (lifetime total): 1
Number of hours to create that braid job: 2

Riding ability
Number of BTB articles giving "riding advice": 6
Number of articles that critique another rider: 1, but it was doozie
Unintentional flying changes (lifetime total, Harvey): 5
Flying changes executed on request: 0
Number of times we placed below a horse that reared repeatedly down the center line: 1

Horse health and care
Number of articles on veterinary topics: over 30
Number of sheath cleanings performed (lifetime total): 0
Likelihood that 1/2 the worming tube ends up on my shirt: 78%


  1. I was checking out a new barn last night, saw a lady and her horse getting ready for a lesson and thought IS THAT STACEY AND HARVEY???
    Then I looked in the parking lot for little green cars. I swear.
    Why am I admitting this? I don't know. Suffice to say you're a bit of a celebrity.

  2. I love your index!

    I have to brag that I can count many more successful braid jobs in my years working with horses. That was probably my best talent for the show ring, though, to be honest!

  3. I love your blog and relish all the advice and information. I always say that with horses, for every strong opinion that "This is great for your horse!" you will immediately encounter an equally strong opinion "This will certainly KILL your horse!' So that is horse life! Don't worry about expertise - experience is better than dogma any day.

  4. You make me laugh almost every single time! Thank you for a great blog, great advice, wonderful resources, and a sense of humor.

  5. I think your blog is informative, well researched, and really funny. I'm glad you don't feel you are an 'expert' I think then you would be more interesting in promoting 'Your Perfect Way Of Doing Everything' instead of looking at subjects with an informed and open mind.
    Well done!

  6. You are an expert to me!! At least you always ignite the desire to learn more and get more info,good for you!!

  7. I enjoy your blog very much, and you seem like a well researched person. And by the way, cleaning a sheath isn't that bad.

  8. yay finally a picture of you and Harvey where we can actually see your faces! You two are adorable. And EVERYONE I know LOVES your blog. You needn't be so modest!

  9. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog - expert or not!
    Whether it is knowing exactly which songs *I* do my imaginary freestyle too as well, or just "window shopping" on ebay for bridles, you and I seem to think alike. Keep up the good work.
    (And during this pitiful performance show season, knowning I am not the only one who places below those with rearing or bucking horses made me feel a heckavu lot better - thanks)

  10. Very funny index! I enjoy your posts because they are thoughtful and researched. I just started a horse blog myself and am a little nervous someone will find mine too. But I hope to never feel that I'm an "expert". I'd rather be open minded and eager to learn, as you clearly are!


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