Monday, July 21, 2008

Quaterback X Rubenstein cross -- new video!

This baby is still in Germany, but will be in Norway eventually (thanks to the owner for filling me in!)...


  1. Stacey: I clicked on a related video of Quaterback that said he was a 2003 stallion and the video was done in 2006; so, they are doing HIGH level dressage with him as a 3 yr. old?? Is that appropriate or will he be broken down young? Just wondering...the foals are like watching deer move, amazing.

  2. I don't think they are doing high level dressage -- although his trot does look a lot like a passage. If you look at the way he struggles to contain all that power, he's clearly being pushed to show off his gaits. But no, I don't think anyone is competing him in the upper levels. That said, I don't think that elite stallions, or any stallions, have much of a life. The ones that compete probably have it the best...


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