Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ten things I hate about you

Disclaimer: This is meant in fun. I did like this episode of HorseGirlTV.

YR Lara Schleining on Equestrian Fitness:
Required viewing for my "ten things I hate about you" list

The ten things I hate about Lara Schleining:

1. Natural blonde.
2. Barely out of daycare.
3. Okay, #2 was exaggerating a little. Barely out of puberty.
4. How many high schoolers have had a personal trainer 3 years?
5. Advises us not to practice the same upper level movement two days in a row. Thanks honey, I wouldn't think of it.
6. Bouncing pony tail while passaging. Still blonde.
7. Indoor arena wood panelling (nicer than what's in my family room). 1 minute, 16 sec.
8. Tiny, feminine, beauty blithely does the snap and press w/130 lb. weights. 4 min, 25 sec.
9. Graceful hop after leaping to feet. 4 min, 23 sec.
10. Wears pale blue workout pants, does not look ludicrous.

What do I really think? It's a nice segment and I learned some new things. I liked Lara's comment that she tries to use her abs alone as an aid when possible, it gave me an understanding of the importance of the core. My one quibble is that her "snap and press" maneuver is rather dangerous -- there really should have been a warning about it...


  1. #11; Looks good in riding breeches.

    Agree about the "snap" and I don't think that looks good even as she does it - looks like an injury waiting to happen.

    I will have to consult my personal trainer though bwahaha as if.

  2. clean and jerk "snap" i am almost positive was not 130 she is most likely using a light 25 pound power bar and light power lifting weights 10 ounds a side 2o at the most. most likely 75 lbs at most.

  3. They are also starting to get away from 'leg lifts' for abdominal muscles... they put WAY too much strain on the lower back! (Just wanted to mention this so no one went out and pulled out their back, lol!)

  4. When I compare the weights to the ones of similar size at my gym, it looks like they weight more, but I know there are some weights for deadlifting that are lighter.

    She's obviously fit but the few women that I know who lift that kind of weight have a LOT more muscle mass. If she's doing it, more power to her!

  5. Some of the best core exercises I've found are on the NYC Ballet Workout 2. I call them abominble exercises. I was doing crunches before, but they really took my tummy muscles to a new level. I don't use the word "abs" because at my age, I'm not sure they are deserving of the word. The hard part is the older you get, the harder it is to stay in shape. I also like upper body weights. But no "snaps."

  6. My "core" is a bit saggy after three fabulous daughters, so I'm with you on the snarky comments--are you sure about the "natural" blonde thing??;) She doesn't look old enough to spell FEI, does she? Oh well, back to poop scooping....

  7. Lara is a lovely person with no financial boundaries.


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