Monday, August 18, 2008

Beijing Update: Germans FALL APART!!!

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I'm still reeling from the FIASCO that was the German riders' showing in the Grand Prix Special. I'm sure if you saw it you're aghast too. I've taken the liberty of capturing still shots of the most astonishing moments. The BTB Faultcam brings you...

Hey Guys, It's the OH-LYM-PICS!!!

Heike Kemmer and Bonaparte's braid malfunction!!!
Can there be such a thing as a bad German groom???

Nadine Capellmann or Ellen Degeneres?
Appearing at the Olympics sans hairnet?

The black & white photo proves she has worn the
coiffure de rigeur for dressage in competition.
Isabel should have grabbed some hair spray and pulled her behind the barn.
Isabel knows a thing or two about lacquered hair.

Isabel, Isabel.
I have every single World Cup Finals video since 1998, and
never have I seen Isabel in such a moment. And then, the coup de grace...

An appalling gesture of defiance!!!

(Just kidding. This was a brief moment of concentration during the warmup...)

Okay, it's time to retire the BTB Faultcam. A BIG THANK YOU to Regarding Horses for posting the schedule and link to NBC's streaming video. I am so happy that NBC streamed the videos so that I can watch every single ride. Every Olympics I marvel at the amazing athleticism and sportsmanship. Best of luck to the Germans and the Americans and all the riders.

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