Saturday, August 30, 2008

Harvey gnoshing on Equus Magnificus treats

My husband Bob told me today that the best way he knows to bond with Harvey is to feed him. So Harv gets treats. Lots of them. And once we start feeding Harvey, the horses stalled nearby clamor for treats. Bob bonds with them, too, and we go through a lot of treats.

A friend of mine introduced me to Equus Magnificus treats, and I've gotten several of my friends' horses hooked. We mail order them. One of my first blog entries was on these treats, and I'll restate that I get no kickbacks, these are just very nice homey goodies for horses. I bring you part II of my treatise on treats. Bob is the snack enabler in this video of Harvey enjoying his late afternoon gnosh. Note the trademark tongue action of every horse and donkey in the footage (Bob has fed all of them, hope the owners don't mind). Equus Magnificus tends to produce lip-licking, I have found.

Harvey gets an Equus Magnificus treat (or treats) from Stacey Kimmel-Smith on Vimeo.


  1. We haven't tried these yet, our herd's favorite is Stud Muffins.

  2. Cute video! Your husband is sweet to the horses. I like how Harvey doesn't actually want to stamp for the treat, but raises his leg As If...I'll have to try these treats. I'm at peanut butter sandwiches for my TB, and stripey mints for my Johnny.


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