Saturday, August 2, 2008

Horse country life: a horse catalog to enjoy

When I was growing up in Indiana, the barn where I rode was also the home of the Romwell Foxhounds. I rode with the hounds, on a borrowed horse, and received my "colors" at the end of my second season. You might not think Indiana could do a classy foxhunt, but from the silver flasks to the gorgeous countryside to the pageantry of the blessing of the hounds, I felt I was an imposter among British royalty. The first season I was terrified to the point of having, well, gastric distress before each outing. The second season I cherished every minute. The experience taught me to respect tradition. I also developed a taste for things in life i can't afford. I love the catalog below, even though everything in it would be out of place in my life. Enjoy!

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  1. I love this catalog! I just want to live in that universe for a little while. Instead I live where on a recent outing, we ran into OUR local gentry on horse back. A 250+ pound man, sporting a sweaty t-shirt, greasy ball cap, jeans, tennis shoes, a beer in one hand and a lit cigarette in the other. He was mounted on a 14 hand skinny as a rail 2 year old gaited spotted something or other. He rode a huge western saddle in the middle of the poor beast's back, and had a twisted wire bit with 9" shanks in it's mouth.
    Do you think they would want him for a catalog model?

  2. I covet this catalog and everything in it. I shelled out the $20 and when it came, I locked myself in the bedroom to pour over it.

    So expensive but so fantastic.

    Why do I think that the catalog is the only thing I can afford from them?

  3. The guy on page 3 looks like a real cad, no? The catalog makes the older gents look pretty darned attractive!

  4. And the woman on page 39 is very unfortunate looking.

    I really like the $300 gloves. The price alone makes me want them because for that, you must ride better, right?


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