Saturday, August 23, 2008

Horse trailer Do's and Don'ts

Just got home from a dressage show -- I groomed for my friend Heather and soaked in the sights.

It's fun to check out the horse trailers at shows, both to find out who else is on the grounds and to admire the fancy rigs. At this show, I encountered a dressage show trailering faux pas that is eminently bloggable.

DO trailer in style!
Use a rig that is comfortable for the horse and riders. Bring chairs and coolers. Beer or wine serves a dual-purpose (celebration or consolation).

Don't -- well, just don't!
Can you read the sign on the door? Good Lord! I imagine the horses shaking in their shoes. I don't suppose anyone remembers that sad scene from Animal Farm? Boxer the cart-horse? Shudder.

[Sober's Farm Meat Market]


  1. Oh my! Even if they just do chickens, I probably would have another rig for the horse show if I were them. (If I could only convince my husband first to let me get 1 rig!)

    It's like when I spend time with my vegetarian friend, I leave the jacket with the fur collar at home. :)

  2. Well, it is handy to threaten your horse with.

  3. LOL, and to think I used to threaten my old mare with, "you know, I have always wanted a full-length black Thoroughbred coat and you look about my size..."

    This is just so much more to the point!

    Good one, thanks for sharing!!!

  4. That is a bit scary! I think I would be afraid to leave my horse alone at that show because Sober's Farm Meat Market would conjure images of him getting trailered to Canada...not that they would want him seeing as how he is only 15.1hh, but still...what must the people on the road think when they see that driving by - with SHOWhorses?


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