Thursday, September 25, 2008

DAD '08: A lovely yearling filly

Thursday, Sept. 25, 2008
Here is a lovely filly with quite a story behind her. I know this story second-hand and do not really know the breeder, but I'd like to share it with you all.

The breeder, a woman with a small farm in central Pennsylvania, purchased a weanling filly from an established Pennsylvania breeder. The filly, named Ghlycerine, grew to be a stunning young mare. She won many admirers as she gained exposure at breed shows and she received top ribbons at Devon. An elite mare candidate, Ghlycerine scored just a few points shy of an 8 at her mare performance test. The breeder was also a rider, and she planned for Ghlycerine to have a career in the show ring. In 2006, she bred Ghlycerine via embryo transfer (ET).

This special mare promised to fulfill so many goals and dreams--but it was not to be. Ghlycerine died tragically in a freak accident at the age of five. Even hearing the story second-hand, and having only seen photos of Ghlycerine, my heart broke when I heard this news. It is the thing we horse owners fear the most -- that we won't be able to keep our beloved horse safe. You can see a memorial to Ghlycerine, including some footage that captures her beauty and power, below...

Although Ghlycerine is gone, she left a legacy in the form of the baby horse conceived via ET. Her first and only baby, a filly by Pablo, is now a yearling. She was at Devon today. I knew she would be spectacular, but I was blown away at her beauty. You can see her baby footage in the Youtube video (above), but here is the Devon footage. Remember now, she's a yearling!


She was in the ribbons in every class -- and if you know how competitive Devon is, you know this is quite an achievement. A hearty congratulations to Edgewood Meadow Farm...

EM Ghlycerine

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