Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fidertanz youngster at Dressage at Devon 2008

Disclaimer: I'm editing this post based on a comment by Anonymous (below), who caught a gap in my fact checking w/regard to bloodlines. I tend to do "quick and dirty" entries on the weekend, and I found this nice video, and threw in a link to a bloodlines article -- but it was misleading at best. I should have been more careful. My bad.

I didn't take this footage but saw this young horse go. He is by Fidertanz out of a Harvard mare:

Here is the daddy, Fidertanz.

Now, I get confused sometimes about the F and W line hanoverians. According to an article by Ludwig Christmann, all F line horses go back to a stallion called Fling. In 1989, the line was separated into the "F" and "W" lines according to the two Fling sons Fiener Kerl and Flavius: as of 1989, all stallions licensed in that year and going back to Feiner KerI belong to the F-line; all going back to Flavius form the W-line. Now sometimes (all in the past -- never again!) I have assumed that a horse whose name begins with an "F" or "W" is an F-line horse. Not so! Fidertanz is by Florestan who is by Furioso who does not trace his lineage to Fling.


  1. Actually, the F-Line that comes from Florestan goes back to Furioso II, while the W/F line goes back a lot farther than that.

  2. Just thought I'd let you know how much I really enjoy your blog. It is very informative and well written.

    I have it bookmarked and often go back through old posts and use the resources you've compiled.


  3. What a trot!! I bet you could hold a glass of water full to the top without spilling a bit. After watching the stallion, you can def see where he got it from ;)

  4. My wife and I actually had dinner with Dr Christman in Verden about 5 years ago...but we did not discuss the F and W lines :-)

    I have posted videos of the grand prix musical freestyle class this year at Dressage at Devon videos

    I'll poke through your blog some more


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