Sunday, October 5, 2008

Carol McCardle's story: A must watch video

The video below is old, sure -- it refers to the 1992 Olympics as a future event -- and the subject of the video, Carol McCardle, is no longer an event rider. She's now riding and training in dressage (shown left). Still, this is a remarkable story. Some of you may have read a previous blog entry -- a rant, perhaps -- about a young event rider blinded by ambition (hint: Rolex 2008). When I watched McCardle talk about what her horse has done for her, and when she describes her commitment to him, I had tears in my eyes. This is how people are supposed to feel about their equine partners.

I looked up some biographical information. McCardle competed in Dressage at the FEI level in Europe for several years often representing the USET at shows. Before concentrating on dressage, she had been selected as reserve rider for the US Eventing team for the Seoul Olympics in 1988 and long listed for the Barcelona Olympics. She seems to have moved into dressage and compiled some impressive international experience.


  1. Well good for her. It's so nice to see a competitor put their horse first.

  2. What a dedicated and very brave young woman she was! Very touching story. I've had my guy for going on 12 years now. He's a dinky Arabian cross, but a very insecure personality. At one point because of my health, I though about selling him, but I realized that nobody could understand him like I do. We are like an old married couple, too. I know what he's thinking, and he knows what I'm thinking.

  3. That was just wonderful, truly wonderful. You are right 1,000% that IS what working with and riding horses is all about. Thank you so much for posting that. I enjoyed it more than you know. :)


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