Monday, October 20, 2008

Equine Photographers Network

I ran across this Web site -- -- and couldn't resist peeking at the portfolio (hundreds of professional photos, searchable by keyword). The photos are gorgeous and this site seems like a great resource for publishers of equine magazines and books. Here are a few highlights of my favorite photos and the people that made them happen...

Carien Schippers

Tracey Bish Photography

Violetta Jakowski

Tom Sapp

One caveat about the portfolio
I was viewing one of the categories and there was a photo entitled "The peace she found." A horse is lying near a giant mound of hay, and here's the thing. I think the horse is dead. Normally I wouldn't say I'm squeamish about death, and in the Victorian era it was common to take photos of loved ones after they passed. It was an artistic but stark photo. It disturbed me a little to see it.


  1. What beautiful photos and all so different. I also feel squeamish about the Victorian photos.
    Thanks for sharing such beautiful moments with horses.

  2. I just had to stop by and tell you thank you for posting your Saddlebred story on my blog. So many people wrongly think they are crazy horses or they confuse them with the big lick Walking horses and think we MUST be doing something horrible to them so they move the way they do... and that is so sad for me...

    Okay - so now I am going to go and explore your blog!


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