Thursday, October 2, 2008

Importance of body position and awareness

This is an interview with Heather Blitz. If you don't know here, here is her bio. But I enjoyed this video...


  1. What a nice interview!

    With my broken-ankled hiatus from riding, I got to spend a lot of time watching other people's clinics/lessons and was really able to learn a lot about how much rider position affects the horse.

    This is an appropriate video since after all that observation, I really decided I need to do a lot of work on my position.

    The research you put into a lot of these posts is admirable. I find them fun and informative to read!

  2. She is amazing - I saw her ride at Hadlow College here in the UK where she joined her coach, Mary Wanless, at a biomechanics of riding seminar.
    She really knows how to position her body to get exact response - it was fascinating to watch her getting on a horse she never sat on before, a very avarage, unbalanced horse, and how she changed it in matter of minutes.

  3. Beautiful interview with a clear point. Makes me feel guilty but accused rightly of being responsible for my dressage horse's shortcomings.


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