Friday, October 17, 2008

Ponies gone wild: drunken pool party

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Greedy pony's late night plunge

A greedy pony drunk after gorging on fermented apples had to be rescued after falling into a swimming pool.
Fat Boy: Pic Sarah Penhaligon
Fat Boy plunged into the water after stepping on the pool cover

Fat Boy broke into Sarah Penhaligon's garden in Cornwall to get at the fruit trees and ate so many apples he became "punch drunk".

"When I looked outside I saw this massive animal in the dark and I thought the Beast of Bodmin moor was in the pool," Miss Penhaligon said.

Miss Penhaligon, 28, from Newquay, was woken in the early hours on Tuesday by the sounds of the animal in distress.

Fat Boy: Pic Sarah Penhaligon

A spokeswoman for Trenance Riding Stables, where Fat Boy lives, said horses had been known to get "punch drunk" from eating too many apples.

"It looks like he was scrounging for apples in the garden and fell in when he trod on the tarpaulin over the pool," she said.

"After he got out he was taken back and checked over by a vet, but luckily he's fine."

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  1. I've been searching for photos to go along with the story. Those are priceless!

  2. Fat Boy says, "Oh no! What did I DO last night?" ;)

  3. Haha, Fatboy is such a lil tricker. Ah well I vaguely recall this happenin. silly lil fatboy!


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