Thursday, November 20, 2008

America's Next Dancing Dressage Star

Mike Matson, a member and frequent contributor to both the and COTH bulletin boards, is sponsoring America's Next Dancing Dressage Star contest. The best musical freestyle video will win a tidy sum of money. The contestants are below and the rules can be seen at the Ultimate Dressage post or COTH post. There is still time to vote, I think. If you belong to either board you can just reply with your favorite to either post, or enter your choice on Youtube via the comments (just add a comment to your favorite ride like "I vote for this one").

Even if you don't like contests, the videos are fun to watch...

Contestant 1

Contestant 2

Contestant 3

Contestant 4


  1. Contestant #1, Lame in the begining on the back left hind and BTV.
    Contestant #2, the horse looks angry as HELL, sore (possibly why he looks angry?) and BTV.
    Contestant #3, cute, occasionally behind the vertical.
    Contestant #4, Gray is BTV all of the time, Bay BTV occasionally (just looks to be less trained, to me.) But creative idea.

    I'd probably vote for #3, lol

  2. #1 looks a bit tight to me, but willing. #3 is just a doll, I never would have dreamed a shire would be so successful at dressage.


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