Monday, December 8, 2008

Bundeschampionate 2008 video footage

Each year Germany has a national championship competition featuring Germany's best breeding and riding horses. A series of qualifiers culminates in the Bundeschampionate Finals held this year in Warendorf, Germany, on September 3-7, 2008. This is serious eye candy for warmblood enthusiasts, and much of it is captured on video and available online. I tried to embed the video with no luck. So it ain't pretty, but the Clip My Horse link below gets the job done.

Oh, and the horse on the left is Dancier, a De Niro son (Riley's grand-dad is Deniro) who won the top honors for stallions.

Did I mention the video is in German? Some info on the winners is here, but a PDF file with the order of go and scores will help you track the horses. Have fun!


  1. A friend of mine has a DeNiro son - sane, 3 fantastic gaits, uncomplicated to ride, a gentleman on the ground and GORGEOUS - a real once in a life time kinda horse. Good luck with Riley, he looks every bit as wonderful.

  2. The video shows all the necessary steps even with the German of which I understand just a wee bit.


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