Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Evil-doers! Miscreants! My bumper sticker is MIA

Someone stole my "Horses get great grass mileage" bumper sticker from the parking garage at work. Can you imagine? I know it didn't just fall off because it was misting out that day, and there was a clear outline where the magnetic bumper sticker was. On the bright side, I was not 100% happy with the cheesy horse clip art I'd picked. Recently a friend showed me several databases of copyright free images, and there were lots of horse shots to pick from. I ordered a new sticker, and soon my car will be back with a bumper that's better than ever :-) BTW it'll be the same size, only the image is smaller.

UPDATE: For those of you who expressed interest in getting your OWN sticker (vinyl, not-magnet), you can go to http://www.cafepress.com/behindthebit.281193487 to buy a slight variation, for .50 over Cafepress cost for $3.99. If you want the magnet sticker, I've contacted buildasign.com to see if they will let you order this design, which is more like $11. I'm flattered there is interest in my little old sticker. Thanks!




  1. Magnetic you say? Where do you get these magnetic bumper stickers from? I want.

  2. A couple of years ago, during the height of the magnetic ribbon craze, my husband and I bought matching magnetic ribbons that said "I support magnetic ribbons." Unfortunately I had a plastic bumper, so I bravely superglued mine on. He had a steel bumper, so he magneted his on.

    It was stolen the very same day. We went in somewhere - maybe the grocery store, we came out, it was gone. Very sad!

    I like your new design!

  3. Buildasign.com -- they did a great job for me. I may try to put this one in the window...

  4. I can't believe someone would stoop so low to steal your sticker. On the plus side I like the new one better.

  5. Oh for crying out loud! What's with people? I like the new one, too.

  6. Jeez! Some people just will steal anything! I didn't realize that was a bumper sticker, but always thought it was cute and it gave me a smile every time I visit your site.

    I do like the REAL horse on the new one -- very classy looking. I just hope this one doesn't get stolen as well -- maybe you should take it off when you park.


  7. that means there is a demand for your design... maybe market them?

    super cute.
    Any ideas for my front license plate?
    I ride Hunter Jumpers :)

  8. I love the new one! I hope it wasn't a horse lover who stole it. I like to think that horse people are more honest than that. Where can one get such a cute sticker?

  9. I like the new one!

    Oh come on now, stealing bumper stickers? For crying out loud..

  10. The new one looks good! Too bad some lame people stole the other one.

    Could you share the free databases with pictures, or was it maybe something from your work? I often need royalty free pics for stuff at work...

  11. Hi all, I'm really NOT in this to make money, but if you want a similar sticker (I'm at work and don't have the original picture) go to

    I added a dollar to the base price so that is the hefty profit margin ;-).

    The photo sources were given to me by the junk drawer blogger who is hysterical and also a great help to me in blogging etiquette. Here are the sources:


  12. Next thing you know they'll be stealing air out of tires... Oh well, I guess they wanted you to push the creative envelope a little more! Great results. I too like the new design better. (But it wasn't me! I swear!)

  13. Sorry, my error. The stickers on cafepress are .50 over cost, just so I can track it.

  14. Too bad about your sticker, but the new one looks nice.

  15. that's really low, stealing a magnet off someone's car!

    but great designs! i can't decide which i like better :-\ they are both really cute.


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