Friday, November 7, 2008

A giant thank you and some policies

Country Oxer has honored BTB with an award, the English Equestrian blog top pick. I so appreciate the recognition from my blogger peers. I've created a slide show for awards on my sidebar where I'll post future awards.
I would like to recognize A Bay Horse for the quality of its writing and frankly the personal style the author expresses -- it's a fun, informative blog, easy and enjoyable to read. Congrats to ABH!

And now, with a drumroll, I'm going to announce my very first set of BTB policies.

  1. Guest blogger policy. The BTB blog content is exclusively the work of the blog originator (me), with nod to content culled from resources used in prepping an article. Recently someone sent me a nice suggestion and an offer to guest-blog. I have a blog because I like to write, so there isn't much incentive to have a guest blogger right now. I'm terribly flattered that this person inquired, but I did decline the offer for the reasons stated.
  2. Awards. I love and appreciate awards that occasionally come my way. However, I sometimes balk at the rules that come with receiving an award (e.g., you need to bestow the award on x number of other bloggers). Anyone who is kind enough to think of me for an award should be aware that I might not follow the rules to the letter. Let the blogger police come and get me. I'll usually feature the award in a post, and name someone else as a recipient if I feel inspired to do so. Just FYI.
  3. Tagging. I haven't been tagged much, and think some of the tags sound fun. But it may take me a while to get around to a tag, and I may not tag anyone else.

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