Monday, November 24, 2008

Horse people haiku

I stand at Harv's side
Watching him graze contently
Lead rope in my hand

The foal's first day out
his impossibly long legs
wobble, stretch, and fly

"Riley please stand still!"
He fidgets, tosses his head
and nips my bare arm

Pony at the fence
a child extends her small hand
he licks her fingers

The dressage divas
Passage, piaffe, and half pass
in crimson lipstick

Who did what to who
Gossip and allegations
No more barn drama!

Muck stalls every day
I'm getting too old for this!
Hand me that pitchfork.

Harvey do know you know
You are in my thoughts
Wherever I am?


  1. Beautiful!

    Love the lipstick and gossip - all they need is a pearl necklace.

  2. Beautiful, and lovely painting. I feel more peaceful having read it.

  3. Love the pony at the fence and the lipstick and gossip. You've captured a few moments at any barn on any given day. Lovely.

  4. I don't know much about horses, but you sure have a pretty blog here. Thanks for the read, I will be back.


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