Saturday, December 6, 2008

Harvey never met an equid he didn't like

I got a call from the barn manager Wednesday -- Harv's regular turnout buddy is on stall rest for at least a couple of weeks. Harv is now the "odd horse out" at the farm, and he does not go out by himself. What to do? The solution came in the form of a furry-faced donkey, Skippy.

Harv and Skippy hang out

We weren't sure pairing them off would work. The first time Harv was pastured in a field next to Skippy he tore around and screamed, bringing the barn workers out to rescue him. He would not even calm down in his stall; I happened to arrive at the barn at this point and witnessed first hand Harv whirling in his stall like a dervish. Hardly love at first sight! We hoped that over time he had acclimated to the sound and smell of Skippy.

When they were reintroduced, Harv was not afraid of Skippy, but he was intensely curious. He chased Skip around the field at first, trying to get close enough to sniff and investigate. Fortunately things quickly settled down. While Harv could be more of a gentleman (he likes to assert his dominance when they share their haypile), it's a companionable picture. Whew!


  1. That donkey is really cute! Who wouldn't want to be in the same paddock.

  2. Cute donkey, I'm sure Harv is loving his new friend.

  3. That is so sweet! I am glad Harvey has a little friend.

  4. Be careful! Once he gets attached to Skippy you may never get him away! :))

  5. Aren't horses funny? You'd think they'd see a kindred spirit in donkeys. My horse freaked the first time he saw a donkey. They make a cute couple.

  6. Years ago, I used to ride at a stable where one of the horses would NOT leave the corral until his "pet" goat accompanied him. I hated getting that horse because every time we stopped for one reason or another, the darn goat would chew on my boot or would decide to eat grass and not go. If that goat didn't go, the horse remained stationary. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


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