Friday, December 12, 2008

Talk about warmbloods of color!

I stumbled onto this Youtube video -- a young stallion by a Furst Heinrich son out of a Rubenstein mare (two bays, one with a blaze). Genetics aside, I love the markings.

If you're interested in the sire Furst Grandios, here is a picture. If you haven't seen Rubenstein, check out my tribute to Rubenstein (Rileys granddad) ...

Furst Grandios (Furst Heinrich x Argentinus)
Wow, what a lovely stallion. Super elastic gaits, good engagement from behind and much scope and potential in his basic gaits. His full brother became the Reserve Champion this year at the Oldenburg licensing the day before the Althengst Parade.

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  1. He's a stunning horse, I like his unusual markings.

  2. He's gorgeous! =D aren't those like birdcatcher markings or something like that? I've seen them before...

  3. Ok next post you have to tell us how those markings come about out of 2 "plain" (unmarked) bays!

  4. cool! i'm partial to colored horses anyway, but those makings are really unusual. i've never seen anything like that!

  5. Amanda, it's in the gene pool. Sometimes colour skips a generation.

    Lovely horse with excellent conformation.


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