Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blog review: Daisy the Curly Cat

PhotobucketCharming is an overused word, but I can't think of a more fitting way to describe Daisy the Curly Cat (DCC), a blog I've been following for about six months. DCC is enormously popular, and it enjoys the largest following of any animal blog I know. Daisy, a Devon Rex cat (pictured left) is the undeniable star, but she sometimes shares the spotlight with her male counterpart, Harley. In each blog entry we see the two felines in a series of in-home adventures deftly orchestrated by "mom" (the author/blogger). The blog's premise seems to be that beautifully photographed cats--enhanced by a little vignette or an adorable costume -- will keep readers coming back for more.

Lord knows there are oodles of cat blogs out there. It's hard to pinpoint what makes this one so appealing, but it's one of a handful of non-horse blogs I follow religiously. I can't resist overanalyzing what draws me and many others to Daisy...

  • Daisy's mom has a real artistic flair, and I'd bet money she has a graphic design background. How else could she pull off a pink blog with such sophistication? I should note here that I like pink :-).
  • As a child I tried to dress up my cats, and they responded by going limp, as if feigning death were the ultimate protest. Clearly they were miserable. There's something JonBenet about dressing up a pet unless they really love it. So it's great fun to see Daisy mugging for the camera, basking in the attention, and looking utterly fetching.
  • We humans like to humanize our pets. How can we resist embroidering their behavior with human motivations and emotions? And who's to say it's not how what they actually feel? The author brings out both the human and the decidedly feline traits in Daisy.
Below I've captured one of my favorite storylines from Daisy's blog. But you should visit and find your own favorite!


  1. I adore Daisy and Harley is a hoot, too! A co-worker fan and I suspect that Daisy's mom must have been a circus animal trainer in another life. I can't even muss up my cats' hair or they'll get all freaked out. I cannot fathom trying to put clothes on them. This blog is indeed one of my all-time favorites. What a wonderful tribute to a fantastic blog!

  2. I'm a Daisy and Harley fan too! Each day I never know what to expect on their blog and it's always far better than I imagined!

  3. Oh wowie! Thank you ever so much for your kind review. I feel very honored and proud.

    The true secret to how I am able to dress up and do fun stuff is that I get some extra-delicious treats for modeling. So, when I see my fancy outfit and the camera, I run towards the camera because I cannot wait to get treats! We have loads of fun.

  4. I agree - Daisy does keep you coming back to read her escapades. My cats would never stand for being dressed up, so I enjoy seeing Daisy all decked out in her cute little numbers. Very cleverly done blog.

  5. My wife absolutely loves the Daisy blog! I'll hear her laughing out loud, and find her in front of the computer, reading about the life and times of Daisy The Cat.

  6. This is great! Thanks for sharing it. I'm still LMAO!

  7. I too enjoy Daisy. Her antics leave me with a smile.


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