Friday, January 2, 2009

Bob's Dream: The Horse Fair

Last night Bob told me he had a dream about Harvey. My first thought was, this is a good New Year's dream to have. I have an New Year's resolution that I have never articulated -- to continue Bob's immersion into the horse world.

The dream as Bob describes it...

"We were at a big, long open air building, kind of like a mall and kind of like a stable," Bob said. He went on to describe a bustling, noisy, energy-filled atmosphere.

"A festival marketplace?" I offered. "A horse fair?"

"YES!" he said. "You were getting all exercised about measuring Harvey and some other horses. I had a ruler and you wanted me to measure the horses' height and from nose to tail."

"Well, measuring horses can be an important thing at horse shows, especially ponies," I said.

"I had devised a new means of measuring horses using Euclidian geometric principles," Bob continued. Now I know this is Bob's dream. "You know, like knowing the angle and one side of a triangle, let's you determine the rest of the triangle. We can take a picture of each horse at a specified distance to know the ratio of picture height to horse height. We could also bypass this by introducing a ruler into the picture -- then we just determine the scale."

I'm paraphrasing here, since I'm not terribly mathy.

Bob took Harvey out into the evening air, walked around a carnival area past some slot machines and ferris wheels. They came upon an open-air stall bedded with yellow straw. Bob led him into the stall and fed him treats while they watched the bright lights of the big fair together.


  1. Ferris wheel at a horse fair??? Definitely not a horse person's dream. ;)

  2. What a nice dream. It shows his fondness for Harvey.


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