Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fantasy Horse breeders, meet Dutch stallion Ampere

If the guys (and probably some girls) can play Fantasy Football, then I can play my own game, Make Believe Horse Breeder. "Who are the hot stallions," I wonder, "for my imaginary band of elite mares?" I do a lot of research online and suspect my presence on horse breeder bulletin boards is tolerated more than it is welcomed. It's a small community and a faux breeder doesn't rate. Oh well, maybe they'll warm up to me someday.

Recently a friend called and said "Go to Youtube NOW" and see the Dutch stallion Ampere. I saw immediately why she was so eager to share this young stallion video with me...

Ampere is by Rousseau of Hassler Dressage, out of Flemmingh. He won the spring KWPN Stallion Performance Testing in 2008 and has just been licensed German Oldenberg. In the performance testing scored 8 for walk, 9 for trot, 9.5 for canter, 9 for suppleness, 8,5 for self carriage, 9 for rideability, and 9 for potential(scale 1-10). Judy Yancey of Yancey Farms will have semen in February, writes that "he has just completed his 70 days' test, with scores that are equivalent to about an index of 150 in Germany! He has a great mind and incredible movement. "

The question is, should I breed my best imaginary mare to Ampere, or Quaterback. Can you guess?


  1. Actually, you sort of can... have you seen ? I'm not trying to promote it... I wrote a review of the site, and just found it interesting in light of your "fantasy" breeding idea.

    Gonna advertise here when I get enough credits.

  2. Wow - he's a studly lookin' fella! I love his movement. His extended trot is like he is on springs or something! If I had a few fancy mares I would breed to him in a second!

    There is something about the European bred horses - a mystique or a "fanciness".

    I wouldn't be able to ride one well enough to do it justice, but it is sure nice to dream!

  3. Wow he's swoony. That springy trot!

  4. Wow. Very nice. I might consider doing more than a fantasy breeding to him since he's going to be GOV licensed. I like what I could see of his hind end better than Quaterback. Can't wait to see more of how he goes under saddle, and how his offspring crop turns out. I think $950/dose is a little high for an untested stallion. At $750, I'd buy a couple of doses as an investment (I mean, what's the likelihood that Rousseau x Flemmingh will produce unremarkable babies?).

  5. Woah! I know very little about horses but that horse is beautiful! Look at how he MOVES!


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