Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday's Cat Tribute: Video


  1. haha, awesome video!

  2. Now that was cute as heck. Thanks for the smiles.

    Have a terrific weekend. :)

  3. That cat that went after the bear really got me!

  4. That was hysterical! We just adopted a new cat from the shelter this Friday. I blogged about her.

    Love the cat going after the bear. My cat "Baby" is a big game hunter. She wants me to open the window so she can get the deer in the backyard...

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  6. I love the crazy antics of animals- the cat jumping in (and out!) of the tub reminds me of the time our shih tzu went to jump on the toilet lid without realizing that the lid was hilarious. The funny thing is that only a fraction of the funniest moments are caught on tape so think of all the moments that we missed. Thanks for the laugh


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