Friday, February 27, 2009

"Before" and "After" / makeover shows: Love'em!

What not to wear (UK and US versions), Trading spaces, This old house--I love makeover shows, especially seeing the before and after. I don't know the Aussie trainer that published these videos, but they're horsie before/after sequences, and they're a hoot. The first one has the most naughty horse action, and although we don't see it apparently the horse damaged the judge's car. The rider, Mrs. HP, is the trainer's wife. The second one is early footage of Mrs. HP with husband commentary. Keep an eye on the horse's forelegs. If anyone asks you what is meant by "correct movement" you can offer this anti-example. Is the specific flaw called paddling?

Horse Before and After

Wife Before and After with husband commentary


  1. Fyi, paddling isn't generally isn't considered a serious fault in dressage because the focus is on weight-carrying by the hind end. While not desirable, judges don't care. It's very common in the Spanish horses. The only people who really care about paddling are the hunters.

  2. I think that is true. An acquaintance of mine had a horse that paddled (not as much as the horse in the video). She made it to the upper levels, and I have to say it was rather unsightly in passage. Her scores were never super high, but this was an "off" breed horse with a few other gait flaws (pacey walk and canter). I know it's not necessarily supposed to matter, but if it detracts from the overall picture I think it can have an effect on scores. Paddling to the extent the horse in the video paddles strikes me as a soundness issue.

  3. Lots of horse will paddle until they find their balance. It's they only way they can get their front feet out of the way.

    However, in regard to the videos in general..."Been there. Done that." (Both the training level test--although my horse actually went out of the arena and the FEI tests--where my horse once went out of the arena too.) *LOL*

  4. Poggio II ridden by Amy Tryon paddled pretty bad with one leg--I was surprised to see it, and then not surprised to see him fall with the way Amy had been riding up to that point. (maybe the case of the nerves?? I know I'd be nervous, woo.) But I remember watching him come into the dressage test with a 'O.O!' face when I saw the paddling... guess was fine for him!

  5. That second video was just hilarious and I could so relate. In the first video, the misbehavior looked so much like the horse was being asked for too much too soon (yes I know he was 15 but...). A very loving husband made these videos.


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