Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Harvey at 22 -- still got it going on!

Yesterday's post was about classic thoroughbred bloodlines and thoroughbred sport horse bloodlines. Being a vintage 1987 model thoroughbred, Harv has some good sport horse producers in his background: Princequillo/Prince John/High Tribute. Even though I've just flooded the Internet with Riley videos, I can't resist sharing some footage of Harvey from our ride this weekend.

For a 22 year old with some back and hock pain, Harv's doing well, in part due to good genes. You can see has has lots of bone and substance, and he's fairly uphill. And he's got a great mind--just such a pleasant fellow. Riley has big shoes to fill.

Note that the music was not playing when I rode, it's from Youtube :-).

VIDEO 1: Harv at 22 (well, 22 on March 5)

Brag brag brag
I know I'm not the only one in the world with a wonderful horse, but hey, it's my blog, so you'll have to bear with me. If you have videos of your marvelous thoroughbred, post them in comments, I'd love to see. For those of you who notice some odd little details in the video, I should explain....
  • No, my gloves are not a new trend in dayglow riding gloves. They are lime green gardening gloves, as I temporarily mislaced my regular gloves.
  • As I was riding, Bob kept saying my "leg looked funny" and I thought he was critiquing my position. Well, during the ride the zipper of my right boot gave out. It was essentially unzipped from ankle to knee.
  • Harv isn't especially clean in this video, and frankly during the winter he sports a coating of dirt much of the time I ride. He gets to roll in the mud, and I don't spend hours gettting it off.

But wait, there's more!
More Harvey, this time in figure eights. Don't feel like you have to watch it to be polite ;-).

Harv at 22 (video 2)


  1. Havey looks great!! I also love the music, it goes really well with you two!

  2. Ok, no video to post, but until I got Chance, all my horses were Thorughbreds. Russell R. was a champion in over 150 hunter shows, evented successfully and showed dressage through 3rd level. PJ the horse pictured in my avatar competed through Intermediare I and looked like a warmblood. Toby, now semi-retired, competed through Intermediare I as well. Tucker, still tormenting me somewhere between 1st and 3rd level, is 16.3h and just one big boy.

    I did a bit of research on some of the sites you noted yesterday and confirmed what I thought I had read years ago. Bold Ruler bloodlines can produce obstinate tempermental horses. Uhm, guess what shows up in Tucker's bloodline? (his registered name:
    Doitright Tobe)

    I adore Thoroughbreds. Chance is an American Warmblood out of a a Grade mare and a Hanovarian stallion, and I got him for a change of pace, especially as I am growing older. But to me, a Thoroughbred is the ideal mount.

  3. Harv looks really good! He looks like he carries himself well. Looks very light.

    I am thinking of getting a video camera some time. I really should.

  4. I almost forgot to say how much I liked the music choice! It matches very well.

  5. I loff Harvey, he doesn't look any older then the last time I saw him. He still is as beautiful as ever.

    Jackie G.

    P.S. See in in March for the clinic?

  6. I enjoyed your 2 musical freestyles very much! The banjo music made me smile. I thought the second one was especially on the rhythm, even your sit the trot for change of rein. :-)

  7. I won't be riding in it but would like to watch, if auditors are allowed. HM is one of those "riders I admire," and she's so non-diva! Gotta love that.

  8. Jean, after riding tbs since high school, my first warmblood was just a shock. TBs have such desire to please, don't they? Hopefully Riley has a little of that...

    BH, the flip video cam is only about $80 for the classic version and the footage is great so long as the lighting is decent.

  9. What a lovely horse! :) My old Thoroughbred, Teddy (who I had to put down on December 18), was retired when he was 32, and he was PTS when he was 34. These guys last for ever! He had pretty much done everything - he raced, cut cows (I thought that was hilarious - he's terrified of everything except cows), did the level 4s jumpers, and with me he became my hunter/equitation mount. What a versatile guy!

    My current mount, Bucky, was a hunter for four years before I took over his training and converted him to my dressage pony. He's only eight, but I'm amazed at how versatile he is. He's a Thoroughbred as well (Railroad Man x Double Great) and I've taken him on trails, ridden him western, popped him over the occasional jump, and shown him at 1st Level.

    Harv looks amazing for 22! He's just in the prime of his life. =) I hope for many great years to come for you two (and Riley!).

  10. Those are great videos of the two of you - he looks great for 22. I think it is great to have horses being ridden as long as possible - as long as the pain can be managed, of course...

    I love thoroughbreds, but I don't have the right personality to ride them. I'm just too nervous most of the time. I need an old plug. :-) I'm also really short, so that eliminates alot of TBs/WBs as well!

  11. Aw, what a sweet (and very handsome) boy he looks like! And I agree with another poster, he looks like he carries himself very well.



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