Friday, February 6, 2009

My favorite freestyle ever

Thought I'd share what may be my favorite freestyle-- well, either my favorite or tied with Anky and Bonfire's West Side Story freestyle. This was the best footage I could find (sorry about the sound quality). The indoor video of the same freestyle looks very subdued. If I could pick someone to model my own riding after, it would be Ulla Salzgeber. Her relaxation and control amaze me.

Hope I get the chance to see her ride someday. She occasionally coaches Chris Hickey at Hilltop Farm, so there is hope! You can read about a clinic that she offered in Texas in this Equisearch article.

Taking the night off from blogging. I'm hoping to watch Jockeys tonight and do a little writeup.


  1. Omigosh that extended trot is breathtaking. My fave is still Blue Hors Matine & Helgstrand tho.. <3 <3 <3 her springy passage....

    I'm having a great time reading your blog :)

  2. Fantastyk Voyager left this message and I messed up in moderating it (clicked while standing up):

    OH man! I forgot about Jockeys! I was going to DVR it and never got around to it. $**&(&@!!!

    Beautiful ride although I do like Blue Hors Matine a little more.

    What about the FEI games in 2010 in Kentucky? I'm seriously planning on going to watch the freestyle!!

  3. She wasn't as synced with the music as she was in Sydney (but then again she also didn't have the blow up) but look up her World Cup ride, that was supurb.

  4. Snap Stacey! I posted the same video as my favourite a few weeks ago! The other riders and horses these days just pale in comparison to that test - everything is just right. The music, the choreography, the harmony between horse and rider. It is correct, she rides quietly and effectively and just gets so much out of him. This is what I aspire to be. Go Ulla and Rusty!


  5. I saw this the other day over on Cat's website. I watched it a couple of times and cried both times. I sent the link to my daughter and grand daughter.

  6. Something just seems weird about her horse's back legs. Bowed? It obviously does not inhibit his movement whatsoever...


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